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Below you can read what Gretchen's clients have to say about her services - the remarks were contributed to acufinder.com, a valuable online resource for acupuncture across the nation. And see local KGTV Best of San Diego Winners, where Gretchen came in 3rd for '09 Best Acupuncture. You can read what the public had to say on the KGTV website.

Client Testimonials

"I have had experience with at least 10 different acupuncturists - many for an extended length of time. Within the first visit Gretchen became one of my most favorite. Not only is her technique exemplary, but her personal approach is sensitive, insightful, and positive. She has focus and exceptional listening skills. I leave her office feeling physically strong and spiritually enhanced. She is a treasure and a healer." - Cathy S., San Diego, CA


"Over the past 20 years I have experienced several ‘alternative modalities’ of health care. Gretchen has proven to be the most intuitive and effective of all in her practice of Japanese-style acupuncture. Beyond being merely a skilled practitioner, I would classify her as a true healer and empath. She has the perfect combination of curiosity and confidence in evaluating a patient's condition and I would recommend her without reservation to anyone interested in getting or being healthy." - Aaron S., San Diego, CA


"Not only is Gretchen warm and compassionate, she is highly skilled in her field. My allergies and back pain prevented me from feeling 100%. A combination of acupuncture and cupping gave me immediate relief. After taking suggested herbs, along with acupuncture, my allergy symptoms greatly improved. Gretchen is truly a blessing." - Mary W., Beach Park, IL


"After my stroke my limbs on the right side felt ice cold. After 2 treatments with moxibustion I no longer felt cold. Each week I could see improvement. Acupuncture was the therapy that had the most dramatic effect for me. My doctor said for some people the facial drooping does not go away, and it would not have gone away as fast as it did for me without the acupuncture." - Viola C., Solana Beach, CA


"Calming: Gretchen's manner, the session itself and the aftermath. They all calm the system and the mind. There are other descriptions that fit, such as: caring, engaged, effective and honest. To me, the experience is about restoring balance to return to full wellness - in body, mind and spirit. Gretchen achieves this, and does it in her own soothing, professional way." - Jackie L., San Diego, CA


"After having a miscarriage, I began acupuncture with Gretchen Seitz. She first asked me many questions to gain an in depth look at my overall health. Using this knowledge, Gretchen was able to prepare my body to conceive and carry a baby to full term. I looked forward to my treatments because not only was it an incredibly relaxing and meditative experience, but also Gretchen was able to give me hope that I would conceive again and would be able to have a healthy pregnancy. I highly recommend this form of treatment for any infertility issues, and especially, I recommend Gretchen Seitz because not only is she very knowledgeable, she is incredibly caring, supportive and positive." - Heidi M., San Diego, CA


"I had just begun training for a 10K when I sprained my ankle. After a month of icing and wrapping, it wasn't any better. I had taken a 2 week break from running, but it was still sore and swollen. After one treatment by Gretchen, my ankle was no longer swollen and felt 80-90% better! I was able to run the following day. I'm just so thrilled that I will be able to run the 10K in 2 weeks!" - Karem S., San Diego, CA


"Gretchen was the acupuncturist during the pregnancy that followed the loss of my first baby girl. She has such a caring, nurturing way about her. I always felt so comfortable during my treatments with her. She helped my body physically, but also emotionally and mentally. She let me express my grief and sadness in a safe environment. I always left her office feeling so fabulous. After weekly treatments throughout my pregnancy, I delivered my second daughter. I would highly recommend Gretchen to any woman who has experienced a loss. She is one of those special people who can deal with grief in a healing way." - Deb D., San Diego, CA


"I am so happy and fortunate to have met Gretchen. I had been in chronic pain for 20 years when I met Gretchen. I heard from other patients how she was able to help them, but I hate needles. A year and a half later, I don't know what took me so long. She explained everything to me. She made me feel relaxed and comfortable with the treatment. I have seen Gretchen for different issues and she has been able to help me every time. My quality of life has improved tremendously." -Mark R., Oceanside, CA


[After first treatment:] "I am feeling GREAT. I have slept soundly and through the night with no night sweats and the intensity of the hot flashes during the day are ever so slight, so I am feeling much, much, better. Thank you very much.
[Follow-up after a total of 3 acupuncture treatments and herbal medicine:] "I'm not even getting hot flashes at work anymore! You have made me a firm believer in acupuncture and I don't hesitate to tell people everywhere I go." - Rebecca R., San Diego, CA


"I wanted to let you know that all is GREAT. I feel wonderful. I have not had to take my allergy medicine since I saw you. This is the first time in 2 years I have not had to take it every day. Also, my mind is unbelievably clear and I am in a great mood. Thank you for your help" - Vickie J., Santee, CA


"Acupuncture helps instill an internal peace that allows me to be more objective about the world. Thanks for all you do." -Deanna C., San Diego, CA


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